His Holiness Kyabgön Chetsang Rinpoché
Message from Our Spiritual Director,
Ven. Khenpo Tsultrim Tenzin

  Greetings to TMC members and dharma friends.  I am happy to write to you about the recent trip I made to India.   I was able to spend time at Jangchubling with His Holiness Chetsang Rinpoché; to participate in a long life mandala ceremony on his behalf; to visit with relatives; and to visit Dharamsala and Tso Pema.  I was also able to personally deliver the $3,000 that has been raised in the U.S. for the medical fund at the monastery.

    Last fall I and some other monks had the desire to organize a long life mandala ceremony for His Holiness Chetsang Rinpoché at his monastery.  We wanted to celebrate his life and to pray for his good health and long life.  Our idea was endorsed by His Holiness Chungtsang Rinpoché and Garchen Rinpoché.  It was scheduled for March this year.  During the ten day puja, as many as a thousand monks and nuns participated and offered prayers to White Tara, Namgyalma and Amitayus, ending with a mandala offering to His Holiness.  These monks and nuns attended from the U.S., India, Nepal, Ladakh and other places.  We were all grateful to be able to express our devotion and our sincere wishes for His Holiness’ long and healthy life. 

   While at Jangchubling I was honored to spend some additional time with His Holiness and to seek his divination for the prosperity of the Tibetan Meditation Center.  In his generosity, His Holiness performed a divination and made specific suggestions.  He indicated that generally TMC’s future is good but for its activities to flourish even further, we needed to have some particular pujas done.  Consequently, on behalf of TMC and due to the financial generosity of many TMC members and supporters, I was able to have the following pujas done:

      The recitation of the complete Prajnaparamita sutras in 12 volumes by 100 monks
      The recitation of Gandhavyuha Sutra 100 times.
      The performance of the Achi offering known as “Jewel Garland” for 7 days.

   It was also revealed that we need to keep clean and to make naga offerings in the natural pond not far from TMC.

   I am pleased to report that His Holiness appeared to be in good health and that he hopes to be able to make another visit to the U.S. in the near future.

   After leaving Janchubling, I went back to Delhi and saw many old friends.  The next day I took a bus to Dharamsala.  There I was able to visit with two cousins for a week and to visit the nunnery and Tso Pema.   Then I returned to Delhi, did some shopping for items you will see in the TMC bookstore, and flew back to the U.S. 

   I express my sincere appreciation to those individuals who helped to make this trip and these blessings take place.   May we all keep the health and long life of His Holiness in our prayers and may we have the auspicious blessing of being in his presence again soon.

TMC Thangka Project

Hello TMC Sangha Members, Friends and Supporters!

Several months ago, TMC received a very special collection of very beautiful gleiche paintings of many of the Deities and Masters of the Drikung Kagyu lineage. Khenpo Tsultrim Tenzin has requested a few of these paintings be sewn into silks to make thangkas for the shrine room.

The expertise required for this task must be highly skilled with an exceptional understanding of the meaning of the paintings. The high-quality silk fabric needs to be imported from India and Nepal and matched with the delicacy of the artwork.

While in India for the Losar celebrations, Khenpo La will also be looking to acquire two extra-special thangkas for the shrine room for specific Vajrayana practices. Khenpo Tsultrim and the TMC Board-of-Trustees are therefore requesting donations to fund this project. We estimate the costs to be around $1,500.00 for the materials and the skilled labor to complete the gleiche thangkas, and to purchase the special meditational thangkas.

Please contribute whatever you can to help with this project. You can mail, drop off a check, or use our website at Kindly make a notation in the memo section of your contribution for the TMC Thangka Project. Make checks payable to TMC and mail to:

TMC Thangka Project
Tibetan Meditation Center
9301 Gambrill Park Road
Frederick, MD 21702

Most images on this website are courtesy of Angela Harkavy of Florida, USA.